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Ignore root cause, get root shock- Dams the cause of Irma's Fury

© 2017 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
This is the havoc caused by the dams of the world. Mainstream(!) media do not want to see the truth: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself.
The dam content changes are so huge when the sum total at any time for the dams of the whole world is considered, that they are causing worldwide earthquakes including the one that is destroying the Pacific Ocean and the world: The 9 MM great Tohoku quake of March 11, 2011.
See Ref 3.1.
Similar is the case - that is dams are also the cause of intense hurricanes, ice shelf break ups like the Larsen in Antarctica, extremes of rain, cloudbursts, flash floods, droughts, wildfires, landslides, nuclear reactor explosions and crack ups, and in general, the break up of modern civilization.

1. Dams the root cause of increased intensities of Hurricanes and Wildfires among others like extremes of rain-Climate Change.
1.1 Hurricanes.
Consider a block of 200mx200mx1m of sea floor at the start locations of the hurricanes, for example of Harvey 2017 and Irma 2017. Assume that the dam content changes for the entire globe are summed for each point of time for an appropriate  period of time up to the start of the Hurricane . The corresponding mass of water for such world dam content change acts at the Center of Gravity of the water masses behind the world’s dams. The TOTAL dam content change appearing at the center of gravity  exerts a water moment change at the location of the start of the hurricane. The shock so delivered is assumed to raise the temperature of the block of sea floor, applying the precautionary principle, to determine  a baseline of temperature rise for the block- a source term for the cause of the hurricane and its severity. The temperature rise is proportional to the dam content change. For the period considered, the sum of such temperature rises to the start of the Hurricane gives us an idea of the cumulative temperature rises transformed to deaths, destruction and damages wrought by the hurricane. The Newton’s Law of cooling seems inadequate to mitigate the consequences of the water inputs and withdrawal from the dams.
The Figures below show the millions of degrees  Kelvin  of cumulative Temperature rise triggering the hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017.

Consider the California Redwood Valley Fire which started on 8 October 2017 and was still on on 21 October 2017.
The details:

How did the fire start on October 8, 2017?
The conditions were ripe on October 8,2017 when a massive worldwide dam content change of 0.581 BCM
(Billion cubic meters) occurred and appeared at the center of gravity of the water masses behind the world’s dams
at 22:34:33.96 UTC, exerting a shock to the Redwood Valley located at 39.25,-123.166 of  energy surge of
7Exp19 Joules which resulted in a shock temperature rise input of 1.14 million degrees Kelvin to the 36,523 acre valley,
assuming a soil depth of 0.5m, soil density of 1000 kg/m^3 and a specific energy of 830 J/kg/K.0 hours. Later at 18:36 UTC
on 9th October 2017 Redwood Valley caught fire.
See Figure6Ch6:

2. Forests, the solution.
Opt for forests, infinitely superior to dams, forests which defy gravity and create an atmospheric distribution net of water all over and keep earthquakes and climate change at bay!
See Reforest Mother Earth to Live:

In living in this world by his own will and skill, the stupidest peasant or tribesman is more competent than the most intelligent worker or technician or intellectual in a society of specialists- Wendell Berry in the Unsettling of America, Culture and Agriculture: 1978. Avon.
In1908, in the last century, Mahatma Gandhi warned: Given enough time, modern civilization will destroy itself.

To avoid root shock, choose a normal civilization: Appreciate the need for small self sufficient communities.


Aksharam Brahma Paramam
Bhoota bhavodbhavakaro visargaha karmasangitaha.
-The Gita

Imperishable is the Supreme Ishwara
Attached to all
The offering in Return which causes the genesis and support of beings
Is called Karma:

The solution: Breathtakingly simple but ignored in modern civilization:
From food creatures become,
From Rain is the production of food,
Rain comes from Return,
Return comes from Karma!

R. Ashok Kumar

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The wild people of modern civilization: The World's Dams and the Himalayan Tunnels

The Chenani- Nashri Tunnel and the Surge Forces of the World’s Dams.

© 2017 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

Location: South Portal: 33.0463°N 75.2793°E

North Portal: 33.1285°N 75.2928°E

Applying the Precautionary Principle, research shows that the Rohtang Pass tunnel  portion collapsed on 17th October 2013 because the worldwide dam content changes caused a downward ground motion acceleration input of orders of magnitude higher than the designed for ground motion acceleration of 0.4g at the point of collapse. Similarly the Chenani - Nashri tunnel may have been subject to a collapsing downward ground motion acceleration 4 orders of magnitude fold compared to what it is designed during the present hydrological year. Such forces during the monsoon act to push up the tunnel, while in the dry season, the downward forces come down heavily to collapse it. Such forces unleashed like surges by the world's dams are bringing down the infrastructures of modern civilization with impunity, sparing not even the dams themselves(Ref. 3,4,5,6).

Overburden upto 1 km.

The density of the earth is 5.517 tons/m^3.

See data on Chenani Naushri Tunnel: Applied Forces by the World Dam Surges in Table CNTUNNELAPR2017:
This Table is constructed using earthquake data from USGS from 2MM magnitude upwards for the hydrological year 2016-06-01T00:00:00 UTC to 

I assume in this study the acceleration of the  overburden for a length of 1km of the tunnel is caused by the force applied by the worldwide dam content change.  

Legend: Each row in the table shows data for an earthquake that occurred at the stated time. mag means magnitude of the quake in moment magnitude units. SM means the seismic moment  in units of 10^19.05 Nm. Q No. means the row number of the quake in the excel sheet. The average deviation of the epicentres of the worldwide quakes till the quake in a row from the mean is the centre of gravity,CG, of the dams of the world(Ref 3-6). The distance,km , between1 and 2  is the distance from CG to the location of the quake in the row. DBCM in billion cubic meters(BCM) denotes the total change in the dam contents of the world which causes the earthquake in the row under consideration. Force,N is the force applied at the tunnel by DBCM.

Rohtang Tunnel Collapse on 2013-10-17 located at: 32.37139  77.24639

 Compare with the Rohtang Tunnel Collapse of  17 October 2013 after a 7.1 MM magnitude damquake caused by a 7.25 BCM dam content change on 15 October 2013 which resulted in a ground motion acceleration 253 times the design value:

We also have the Japanese Tunnel Collapse:

The Japanese Tunnel Collapse and Fire on 1 December 2012 at 2300 hrs UTC Caused by the World's Dams


Burned bodies found after Japanese tunnel collapse - 

The data for the Japanese tragedy due to dams shows a similar trend. 24 days prior to the tunnel collapse a major earthquake occurred of 7.4 MM caused by a total worldwide dam content change of 4.7 BCM which generated a ground motion acceleration at the tunnel 65 times the designed ground motion acceleration assumed at 1 g. This was followed by 10 strong earthquakes of 6 MM or greater due to such dam content changes causing potentially severe ground motion accelerations at the tunnel. Earthquakes followed right till just before the tunnel collapsed with beyond design basis ground motion acceleration.

There was another tunnel collapse in Hokkaido in 1996 as well.

The trend is unmistakable. The common antecedent before the tunnel collapses or nuclear reactor wreckings or airplane crashes is a set of major earthquakes which are markers for dangerous dam content changes for the infrastructure of modern civilizations. They thus have glaring generic lacunae in their designs and we just must step back from specialist enterprises and achieve safe solutions outside the box for a normal civilization.

See report of Rohtang Tunnel Collapse on 17 October 2013:


1. Rohtang Tunnel Collapse


2. Chenani Naushri Tunnel Study for Effects of the World’s Dams on the Tunnels.